Welcome To Lochen Country

At Lochen Country we have been producing the very finest specialist leather products for over 20 years. Our product range has evolved extensively over the years from our beginnings as a supplier of holsters and accessories to the Police and Military in the UK and Worldwide to now include a range of quality leather Game shooting and stalking accessories.

We have expanded our product range over the past few years to include several new product lines which we are proud to offer to you as we have found them invaluable on our own hunting excursions.

Why Choose Lochen Country

At Lochen we have been involved with Professional Deer Management and Consultancy here in the UK for over 20 years. Our clients include Private Landowners, Conservation Bodies and Estates of all sizes and as a result have accumulated an extensive knowledge of Deer and Deer related management issues.

We have brought this knowledge together to produce our very own range of exclusive products which we believe are second to none. Combined with our generous 5 year warranty* that we put as standard on all our items that we manufacture and you will benefit from complete peace of mind for years to come.

Our warranty covers the stitching and fixtures only – no warranty is implied or given on the hide / materials used

Lowland Deer Management

Although Deer appear to be grazing on some crops and grassland they invariably do little damage to the final crop as more often than not they are feeding on herbs that grow within, although maize for silage or game crop can suffer significantly.

Large numbers of deer can cause considerable damage to high value crops such as turnips, carrots and beans. Ripening wheat may also be eaten but more significantly it is the damage caused by trampling as deer lie up in the crop during the day.

Reducing the impact of deer is likely to be through a combination of individual tree protection, fencing and culling, with culling as the preferred method. Culling will also reduce the growing number of Road Traffic Collisions.

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Forestry Deer Management

Deer are integral part of the woodland ecology, an attractive and majestic animal but can be very destructive to trees, woodland flora and other wildlife habitats if their numbers are not controlled.

Unfortunately man has exterminated bear, wolves and other predators from these islands which helped to naturally control deer numbers , additionally introducing four new species (fallow, sika, muntjac and chinese water deer) three of which are now spreading rapidly.

For these reasons deer numbers are increasing and it is thus important that a balance is maintained, through careful management, between a healthy and sustainable population of deer and the habitat they live in.

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