12″ Fenn Tunnel


A great trap tunnel for use on the ground for grey squirrel control, rats and other vermin including weasels.

Green powder coated trap tunnel designed to accept all makes of Mk4 Fenn Traps. The 12″ Fenn Trap Tunnel has 3mm 1″ weldmesh on the floor and restricted opening at both ends to deter non-target species.

The trap tunnel door can be locked using the hasp and staple.

The Mk4 Fenn trap is not supplied but there is an option to purchase if you require one

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Mk4 Fenn Trap

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New green powder coated Fenn trap tunnel, suitable for all makes of Fenn Mk 4 type traps, the tunnel is 30.5 cm (12″) long and has a restricted entrance to stop non-target catches. This tunnel is ideal for rats, squirrels, stoats and weasels.

The tunnel door is also lockable.

Trap not included.