Clubman Deluxe 25W LED CB3


The latest LED Clubman produces an incredible 750m beam and has a waterproofed head assembly.

The 25watt LED Lamp is supplied with a 12v 7amp/hr power pack giving a duration time of up to 4 hours continuous.

This is the brightest and whitest LED hand held lamp available on the market with an incredible beam.  Yet this lamp uses less than half the power consumed by similar Q/H and Xenon type bulbs but still gives double the light output.

Key Features:-

1 Million candle power

1000 metre spot beam (Main Beam)

Second beam for closer work

Unique pivoting head

Battery duration on main beam 2.5hrs

Weighs 1.65kg

Kit includes –  Lamp with handle – 12v 9.2Ah Lithium-Ion power pack & Shoulder strap – Mains permanent charger

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