Mountain Hunt


Mountain Hunt is created for challenging and demanding hunting in mountains and rocky ground.

The series ranges from classic hiking boots to more technical models that must perform in even very rough terrain. In this series you will, among other things, find boots with the Härkila S-wedge flex. This is a specially developed sole system where the front third of the boot is made softer than the rest of the boot to give a better feeling of the ground conditions under foot. Mountain Hunt is also produced in an extra breathable version for very hot conditions.

All boots are equipped with Gore-Tex® membrane, and the insulated models will handle temperatures as low as -20C

Sole system: Vibram® Winkler Fire&Ice with Härkila S-wedge™
Footbed: Härkila footbed™
Upper: Shadowtanned™ full grain leather,
Härkila memory fit
Lining: Gore-Tex®
Performance comfort

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